our brand

Our mission is to keep quality made fast-fashion streetwear AFFORDABLE. We want to shake-up the streetwear industry, in which the norm is £200 hoodies, £100 t-shirts, £100 jeans, £600 jackets, £300 sneakers & boots, and so on. We want to bring you the latest streetwear trends, at prices which don't force you to live on supermarket noodles for a month just so you can afford those new distressed jeans.  

This is a brand by the people, for the people. No scams, no gimmicks, no loopholes. Just straight up low prices and high-quality on-trend garments. 

our product

We create all our designs in-house with an intention to take the latest trends in the industry and make them affordable. We see ourselves as the Robin Hood of the fashion industry, getting fast-fashion trends from the runway & inspiration from the rich, and giving them to those sensible enough to know that £1500 for a pair of jeans is a joke. 

Whilst our brand is currently in a start-up phase and products are very limited, we intend to be producing & dropping new designs each month as soon as possible. We want to improve every aspect of our business model and take over the entire streetwear industry. We will constantly be improving things such as our packaging, labels, and details, as we grow to always be providing you with the best customer experience. Unlike these brands charging you £500 for a bomber jacket, we actually give a sh*t about you. 

our social mission

Social media is at the heart of our brand. We believe in providing you with a social experience unlike any other brand. Not only do we want to provide you with outstanding on-trend products at the lowest prices around, but we also want to keep you entertained via social media. Our aim as we grow as a brand is to work with the best social influencers around the world so that we can always be providing you with breathtaking content throughout your day. As we grow, keep your eyes peeled for a social experience which extends to Instagram and Facebook, all centred around an engaging streetwear experience.